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Bodhi Be

Death Tracks - Bodhi Be - Intention RadioBodhi Be is hosting Death Tracks on Intention Radio. He is an ordained interfaith minister in the SUFI lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Sam Lewis. He is a funeral Director, a hospice volunteer, and End-of-Life and Bereavement Counselor, a Death Midwife, a Coffin Maker, Crematory Apprentice and Ceremony Guide.

Bodhi is the Executive Director of DOORWAY INTO LIGHT, a non-profit organization, and is the founder and president of Doorway into Light's The Death Store.

Bodhi is an off-the-grid organic homesteader, and togher with his wife, children and grandchildren grow food, flowers and love on their farm in Hawai'i.

Death Tracks - Bodhi Be - Intention Radio

Our show will both look for tracks, as well as make tracks, exploring in the fields of aging, dying, death, and “NLE’s” (Near Life Experiences)
We occasionally will have special guests active in these fields. The show will include music aligned with the theme and will include a ‘live call-in’ segment for questions and comments.

To speak to the largest definition of “Sustainable Living” we must identify the “death phobia” in our culture, where aversion, denial and avoidance are the norm. This shows up across all demographics, including many “spiritually focused” communities.
That relationship to our approaching death can only lead to “life-phobia”, the inability and unwillingness to be fully alive, because to be fully alive requires an honest and living relationship to our approaching death. We will die and we don’t know when. Everyone we know will die and we don’t know when.

Our death phobia, coupled with most of us having moved our residence a number of times, as well as having lost any real connection to our ancestors…. leaves us as orphans and homeless. Add to this, our disconnect from the “holy”. This causes a “hole” in our being-ness, leaving us desperately hungry and needy. Without acknowledging this hole, we will continue to “consume the earth”, being hard on the people around us, and all other life, even when we’re all recycling and driving electric cars. There is madness and imbalance afoot in the world and a revolution in consciousness is called for.

As a medical event, dying is considered a failure, the end, a lost battle. As a psychological event it is treated as “stages” in a “process”. Death has become big business as we have given it away to industries and institutions and by doing so, have robbed ourselves of important soul work and community building work, hindered our ability to grieve, and further separated ourselves from the natural world.
We have diminished death to something to be dealt with, inventing terms like “quality of life” and “death with dignity”.

Dying and death are much bigger and mysterious then just medical and psychological events. Recognizing dying and death as sacred and powerful times; as a great opportunity for personal, family and community healing; as an opportunity for deep awakening, we must cultivate a living relationship with our approaching death, “inviting it to the table”. This is one step in healing the “hole”.

And too, by reclaiming what we have given away, we will bring forth options for end-of-life and after-death care that are holistic, environmentally sustainable, community and family based, and spiritually inclusive.

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