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Julie Migneault

Julie Migneault - Intention RadioJulie Migneault is the Host of Embodied Awakening on Intention Radio. She has devoted her life to her soul’s work.  It is her great passion and deep honor to become aware of the places within and around her that are seeking to know and express the truth.  She loves the process of exploring the shadow to reveal the light and in the process become more embodied and fully present to life.

Julie stepped into the unknown, leaving a successful corporate career in NYC to live more fully aligned with her soul purpose in Maui, Hawaii as an energy healer, channel and intuitive coach.

She works with clients from all over the globe to support their unique unfolding.  Her client’s experience amazing transformation in their lives and their businesses as they release old ways of being and align with their true potential and divine essence.

Julie is a direct voice channel for a collective of her guides, The Divine Feminine Collective.  She has extensively studied human energy consciousness and healing through four years of training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  Julie has a Masters of Business Administration and leverages her business expertise with spiritual awakening and development.

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"Words feel inadequate to express just how much I value and appreciate your presence in my life. Your support and guidance and all the gifts you have shared have been such a blessing to me these past few months." -N.M
"You have offered so much more then being a business are a magical healer with heart. After the session I was so TRANSFORMED. I seriously had the most balance that I have missed for a long time. I am so grateful for the gift you are and how you have given me so much insight into my being. I see you energy like a soft rainbow dragon...full of ancient wisdom, compassion, and magical. I never get to experience the dragon and never really feel this, but it is how I openly connect with your spirit - so it is meaningful to me." -K.M
"After receiving work from you, I feel aligned with my essence, connected to my heart, rooted in my spiritual strength, and guided by the Divine Feminine. All the different pieces I have been consciously struggling with for the last week (and for much longer unconsciously!) were lifted and I feel so much spaciousness inside." -Kaua P.
"The grounding of my words combined with the support through her channeling has supported me and my work to come forward. What is unique about her coaching is that with every step I take to clarify my work, she can hold the space for what that means to me personally so that I can truly step up and step out with my gifts fully empowered shining my own light on them with no hesitation. Not your average coach! What a gift she has been. I will be forever grateful to her." - Mary Lane, Divine Nourishment

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  1. I had a wonderful conversation with Adele Wang from Atlanta, Georgia today regarding Julie’s interview with Rosalyn whom she is a follower of. Adele recognized how it takes a certain concious understanding to understand anothers. Adele does Radio and speaking engagements and felt quite a comfort and comprehension from the interview. She complimented Julie’s approach and questions. Thank you Julie.

  2. Thanks for sharing, David! So wonderful to hear of your connecting with Adele and her appreciation of the interview. What an honor to have Rosalyn Bruyere with us on Embodied Awakening Radio!