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Trish Luna-deAlva

Trish Luna-deAlva - Intention RadioTrish Luna-deAlva hosts Trish Talks on Intention Radio every Wednesdays at 7pm PT. We are extremely fortunate to have her on board bring you inspiration, uplifting and motivating content week after week. Trish holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, a Certified Professional Life Coach and Speech Coach. She has a long history of helping people change their lives. Prior to graduating from college, Trish was working as a peer counselor, helping other students overcome their past traumas and move into their future with power. She co-facilitated support groups and did individual counseling with fellow students. After graduating with a degree in Psychology, Trish took a position working with teenage girls who had been removed from abusive homes and placed in the custody of the court.

Through her education, work, and her personal journey of recovery from childhood abuse, Trish has discovered powerful life-changing methods for living a purpose driven life. Her goal is to bring these techniques to the world in a simple, easy to follow format. Trish will help you break the patterns of the past and get started on your future.

Trish Talks - Intention Radio

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