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Liah & Paul David

The Mystical and the Mundane with Liah Howard and Paul Solomon

This radio program addresses what it is like to be a mystic and shaman in the world today. We discuss how to incorporate metaphysical ideals and practical tools into our everyday lives. Join us as we share guidelines and pitfalls with our fellow searchers as we develop our psychic sensitivity, while keeping our hearts open and being grounded and productive in the world. Guided meditations are offered as well as examples of mystics and shamans from many cultures. This program bridges the gap between the visible and the invisible realms and helps us to remember that we are not alone and there is much Divine help available.

Liah Howard - Intention RadioLiah is an internationally known gifted psychic, teacher, writer and radio host. She offers valuable insight and inspiration through Psychic/Channeled Readings, teaching classes in Psychic/ Development and Channeling and writing for three Inspirational magazines. She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Liah has a talent for weaving the mystical into the mundane aspects of life. Through her readings, classes, articles and radio shows Liah offers a refreshing and uplifting approach that helps individuals to see their soul’s purpose behind the situations they find themselves in.
Liah believes that everyone is psychic and that intuition can be developed.  She teaches classes both in person and via the internet in Psychic Development and Channeling. These classes are designed to help you improve your deepest inner knowing and enhance the quality of your life.  You will be taught how to connect with your Higher Self and guides and to listen to your soul’s wisdom.
Liah offers confidential and professional Psychic/Channeled readings and classes via the internet and in person. Since 1988, Liah has channeled a council of five beings from the Higher Realms who teach, uplift and guide humanity with their wisdom and love.  This council of guides is comprised of: A Native American Elder, An Angelic Being, A Galactic Guide, An Indian Ayurvedic Practitioner, and a Fairy Guide. These five beings blend their energy together in one voice to speak through Liah as “Hoiya,” a divine, loving and wise presence. Hoiya answers questions about all aspects of life including but not limited to: career, business and financial concerns, relationship issues and insights, soul’s path and purpose, spirit guides and messages from the other side of life.
Liah is the mother of four grown children and a grandmother. Her background is in education and psychology and she worked as a preschool/kindergarten teacher and nanny for many years. Liah enjoys meditating, reading, hiking and the gym. She volunteers regularly in the community and cares deeply about our planet Earth and her inhabitants.
Energy and Sound Healer, Holistic Counselor

Paul David Solomon - Intention RadioPaul David facilitates deep transformational soul awakenings using sound and energy, intuitive life guidance, and holistic psychotherapy. He assists people in reclaiming their life’s purpose and living an authentic and joyful life. Paul has been studying the human energy system, energy healing and spirituality for over 35 years. Along his path, he has explored the spirituality and healing methods of many traditions, always seeking to find the core truths that underlie them. His purpose is to serve the awakening of humanity through the power of divine truth, peace and love as manifested in his work with individuals, groups and Mother Earth.

Paul offers workshops and professional trainings, group sound meditations and sound healing circles, which stimulate the healing powers within each participant. Paul has traveled to many sacred sites in the world performing rituals to activate natural energy centers and the healing of Mother Earth.

Paul works in partnership with individuals to promote healing and transformation on all levels and to teach people techniques to assist them on their path. Because each of us is a unique individual existing on many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), the healing process addresses issues on each of these levels and, more importantly, the root cause of the current challenge. These root causes sometimes include karmic and ancestral issues, as well as earthbound spirits attached to people or their homes. Once the issues are addressed, Paul then assists people in accessing more fully their inherent life energy, inner wisdom, and connection to Source, thereby replacing negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors with the light of love, peace and joy.

Paul is available for private sessions, in-person, through Skype, and by phone. You can contact him by:
Telephone: 808-633-3009 (US cell phone)
To learn more about Paul’s activities check out his website:

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