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How to Hear that Little Voice Within with Sue Dumais

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Do you listen to your intuition? Can you even hear your intuition? Have you ever had a feeling that you should or shouldn't do something?  You couldn't explain it, but you just knew. . . . and you were right!  That’s your intuition, your internal guidance, your heart or sometimes known as your Universal Guidance.  Imagine living your life by that guidance every day.  When you truly learn to hear that voice within, it will not lead you astray.  Join me as I learn how to better hear that voice within from Sue Dumais.  Sue is a Heart Led Living Coach and gifted Intuitive Healer who helps others see the invisible, feel the intangible and do the impossible.  Sue’s gift is to inspire you to awaken your innate ability to heal, trust your intuition, follow your heart and discover your YES! for life.
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