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Karmen Lizzul

Karmen Lizzul - Intention RadioWe are extremely thrilled and excited to have Karmen Lizzul on Intention Radio every Sunday at 6pm Pacific for Clear Creative Radio!

Each week Clear Creative Radio on Intention Radio will have a varied format with multiple segments. The show will feature creatives who are working doing what they love. These guests will be published authors, make-up artists, painters, florists, or any creative entrepreneur with an interesting story about how they got where they are or an inspirational perspective. This will be followed by a Q & A and then a segment of live one-on-one coaching where listeners can call in and get free coaching. Love it!

Karmen Lizzul is President and Founder of Clear Creative Coaching, which can be found on the web at As a trained Professional Coach, certified through IPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, which is ICF accredited, she helps men and women who want to be more creative get to the core of what is getting in the way. She coaches them from the inside out, shifting their energy and help them to stop making excuses, so they are able to finally step into the life of creativity they have been yearning for.

She received her BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine arts. She has won numerous awards in Graphic Design and is currently finishing up her first novel. She lives in beautiful Brooklyn, New York with her two Shih Tzus Yoshi and Chloe. She knows the creative life, she lives it.

Clear Creative Radio - Intention Radio

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