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Rev. Naomi Fay

Rev Naomi Fay - Intention RadioRev. Naomi Fay’s passion is to bring forth the codes of light and love through frequency and vibration. She works closely with her own Divine Presence to access the other dimensions in service to humanity. With her clients, she expands one's idea of reality to new consciousness that moves past limitation and forms of doubt. Through prayers and invocations, she reconnects and externalizes the God within.

As a writer, speaker and teacher, Naomi has authored an experiential meditation book and card deck called a Blessing of the Day ~ Wisdom for your Journey. She is the founder of the Interfaith Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the message of peace and oneness. Naomi is dedicated to weaving threads of light, love and peace in order to connect people with their own mastery and Divine consciousness. Check out for more info.

Join Naomi every Sunday on Intention Radio for The Pause and allow yourself to listen to the song of your heart by experiencing and celebrating the wonder of life. Feel the serenity of who you really are as you are guided back to your authentic self. Learn tools to notice your emotions, your thoughts and vibration. Be empowered to align with the greatest potential by broadening your perspective with enlightening conversation, sound code meditations, and the Pause.

The Pause with Rev. Naomi Fay

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