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Salini Teri Apodaca

Salini - Intention RadioSalini Teri Apodaca is the founder & owner of The Soul Center of Maui where she assists people to heal and transform their lives. She is a ReikiMaster, published author, counselor, shaman, teacher and spiritual visionary. Salini has had a long-time healing practice on Maui and in California and appeared on several talk shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show with Michael Moore, where she addressed reforming the health care system. She is also an Addictions & Trauma counselor who specializes in healing trauma, abuse and addiction spiritually. She created a successful spiritually-based recovery program for addicts and alcoholics, The Reiki Recovery Project©, which brought many people off the streets and into sober, productive lives.

Additionally, Salini is a published author, screenwriter, publisher, editor, marketing manager and creative juice machine working on a number of projects for global healing and transformation, including her upcoming book, film and radio show, EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX.

Salini is a sexual abuse & trauma survivor and brings the wounded healer’s gift for healing to individual and collective wounds, such as what society is currently facing. As a breast cancer survivor who healed herself naturally, Salini sees the disease as part of a larger societal illness and has committed herself to healing our cultural wounds. She experienced 4 near death experiences and a major life transformation, emerging whole, healed and devoted to bringing the message of healing to the world.

During Salini’s journey of healing, she found the Holy Mother Mata Amritanandayi, and is now a devotee; taking the name Amma gave her, Salini, or Divine Mother. Salini has devoted the remainder of her life to awakening, healing, transforming and serving humanity as we collectively awaken to a new and enlightened paradigm. She founded The Salini Foundation© to bring together all her projects under one roof to heal, empower and transform the abused, poor, addicted, disenfranchised, neglected, and oppressed segments of society to bring our country back to wholeness.


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