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Sue Dumais

Sue Dumais - Intention RadioWhen hard work becomes heart work EXPECT MIRACLES. Join intuitive healer and miracle weaver, Sue Dumais and experience profound transformation as you awaken your innate ability to heal. Sue will inspire you to align with your inner guide, trust your intuition, lead with your heart and discover your YES for life!

Sue Dumais is a Heart Led Living Coach, international speaker and gifted intuitive healer who helps others see the invisible and feel the intangible. After sensing cancer deep within her own body Sue discovered her unique healing path back to vibrant health. She is passionate about teaching others to take charge of their own health as she brings the gift of insight, awareness and self empowerment to her audiences. Sue’s gift is to inspire them to awaken their innate ability to heal, trust their intuition, follow their heart and discover their YES! for life.

Expect Miracles - Sue Dumais - Intention Radio

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