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Anna K.

Anna Kauppila - Intention RadioLetting go is the fastest and some would say (including Anna), the only way to find your true glow. Our lives are filled with what society tells us "should" make us glow, but glowing always boils down to faith. That's right…faith. Anna will be talking about how to access your inner quiet and faith in a crazy, busy, loud world. Oh, and she'll be sharing all the time about her silly mistakes along the way, so that no matter where you are in your journey…you will be able to relate.

She is a seeker, an adventurer, and an explorer of what makes people glow. It began simply, on accident really….

Years ago, Anna led a very different life. On paper, it was a wonderful life, perfect actually. She had created a life that most people would envy with a successful career, plenty of money, handsome boyfriend, and beautiful home in New York City. One small problem, none of it made her happy. Anna had created a life that people told her “should” make her happy, but never thought about what really made her happy.

So she set out on a quest to find out what made her glow, and for a long time that’s what she did. Anna took personal development classes, walked in the rain, sang really loud, traveled, and attended thousands of fun events. She even broke up with the boyfriend, quit her job, did a yoga certification, and moved to Texas. Anna turned her life upside down, and finally got closer to what made her glow. And she was surprised with the answer…

One fortuitous day she was the guest on a friend’s radio show, and realized that she absolutely LOVED sharing tips and advice that had helped her glow. The interview ended, and she quickly called the head of the radio station and asked for her own show….”What Makes You Glow?!” And she was off and running!

For the past year, Anna has had the honor and privilege to interview people from all backgrounds about what makes them glow. Through these conversations, she discovered that “glowing” always boils down to one thing…faith. She’s now excited to expand further with a blog, and new radio show…”Let Go To Glow!” on Intention Radio.

When Anna is not interviewing guests, she is teaching yoga, training her new puppy and planning a wedding with the man of her dreams (oh yeah, that happened too!). She resides with her fiancé and their dog, Barney, in Houston, TX. Check out more about Anna here.


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