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Chessie Roberts

Chessie Roberts - Intention-RadioIntention Radio is extremely thrilled to have Chessie Roberts as part of the family. Every Tuesday at 4pm Pacific you can listen to Get on the Grid LIVE where Chessie answers your questions and interviews AH-inspiring guests.

Chessie Roberts is a Singer/song Writer, Spiritual Teacher, Mind-set Mentor, Meditation Coach, Author, Lecturer and  the Founder/Creator of Evolution of Self: Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. Her experience with severe,crippling arthritis was her catalyst to share her healing, experiential, self improvement program with those who wish to rediscover their balance of Body, Mind, Spirit. Her ability to put things into an easy to learn package allows participants to fine tune their healing intentions, identify personal goals and clarify the path they wish to devise in order to heal themselves and grow into their own Spiritual Evolution. You can find Chessie's programs and products at and her music at

Get on the Grid - Chessie Roberts

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