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Bev Campbell

Bev-Campbell - Work Places that Work - Intention RadioWe are thrilled and excited to be presenting you Bev Campbell here on Intention Radio, every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific. Tune in for some wisdom to make your Work Place a space that works for YOU!

Ever since she was a young girl, Bev Campbell has enjoyed working and dealing with people. As the second oldest in a family of eight children, her first work experiences were babysitting and selling. By delivering papers to the local community she paid for her Brownie uniform; in Girl Guides she sold Cookies and Mixed Nuts, and was introduced to the world of selling, and that excitement of the sale never left her. Over the years she worked for a number of different businesses including the Royal Bank, a car dealership, a construction company, a moving company and finally ended up in the world of art. Learning to frame art, buying and selling art was her whole world for a number of years. The travel to find art excited her, the thrill of designing, and the extreme satisfaction in seeing her customers enjoy their special, meaningful pieces of art. As a single parent working full time (and often part time as well), Bev devoted many hours to volunteering for a variety of causes. Her introduction to the not-for-profit world came when she modestly said to a volunteer, “I have no money but I can give you some time”. Little did she know that was to become a crucial part of the rest of her life.

She struggled to overcome life’s challenges, including fleeing an abusive marriage, 7 car accidents, being a cancer survivor, and various broken bones, major falls, and several surgeries over the years.

Again and again, her love of life and people kept her smiling along her way.

Work Places that Work - Bev Campbell - intention Radio

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