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Creator of the powerful AUMAKHUA-KI ™ Energy Healing System Rev. Ojela Frank


Calling all Energy Workers, Luminaries, and Co-Creators; Would you like to discover a powerful tool to amplify your intuition and energy skills. Join us today as we introduce you today to Ojela Frank the creator of AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy Healing System. Weather your skeptical about energy healing or completely immursed in the teachings and implementation of Energy Medicine; Listen in and learn about the new energy system more powerful than any form of energy work I have ever witnessed. Listen to Ojela share her lifes journey of awakening and receiving the new symbols and system AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy Healing System, share how the system evolved from her 30 years of ministry, meditation, ministry, reiki, crystal, chakra healing.

Rev. Ojela Frank, MSC, MSTh, LMT has appeared on radio and television and teaches seminars throughout the country. She is author of several books on healing and personal growth.  Ojela is an ordained Interfaith Minister and a graduate from the New Seminary (NYC, NY). She is a Usui Reiki Master and a Level-3 Qigong Facilitator (SSQC). Ojela is Creator of the AUMAKHUA-KI™ Energy Healing System. She has helped thousands through her sessions, classes and books. Rev. Frank's focus is energy balancing, spiritual counseling and facilitating her clients and students to relax and open up to their true expression.  Ojela has been involved in the healing arts for more than 40 years.  She began offering the gift of spiritual initiations in 1986.

Ojela Frank, Creator of the AUMAKHUA-KI™  Energy Healing System

@AumakhuakiHeal    (Twitter) 

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