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Dowsing for Children | How to shift detrimental energy | How to Dowse Part 2

Again another Hour Of Powerful Information and Learning

Marty Cain, Expert Dowser, does an incredible job explaining to us to the power of teaching children to dowse. How she was able to take a class full of dyslexic kids and help them find power, peace,connect with nature, and develop an intuitive tool they simply enjoyed.
This is a life tool that I would love to invite you to play with and master. So simple, so enjoyable, and the perfect balance between Spirituality and Science of the Universe.


Marty shares with us her Childrens educational initiative.

Please contact Marty Cain at

For more information on Chapters and Workshops in your area go to :


Marty says the Earth Energy Grids need work too and we need to balance the Energy Grids to finally experience World Peace. She tells us strategies to deal with the Fall out of Fukushima too

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