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The Power & Science Of Dousing | Simple & Powerful Tips on Dousing | Unlocking the Power of a Labrynth

This is an interview you will not want to miss especially if you are interested in self discovery. Marty Cain takes us on an unexpected journey sharing Insight & Wisdom of Dousing, Geomancy, & Labrynths. We give you powerful how to's and simple tips to developing your intuition and how or why you want to discover the power of Dousing, Geomancy, and Labrynths. Marty Cain has had a life long love for her work and is an Expert in the field of dousing. She researches ancient sacred sites in Europe and America discovering what makes specific places sacred and recreates that experience for others today. Integrating art and geomancy, She amplifies the potential of site- specific art and invokes wide public participation in Earth healing attitudes. She is a life member of the American Society of Dowsers, where she is co-vice president of the Board of Trustees. She co-directed the ASD National Convention’s Beginning Dowsing School for six years. Marty presents labyrinth and dowsing workshops, consults, writes, and collaborates with the earth energy and angelic realms to co-create contemporary sacred spaces for individuals and institutions.Her labyrinth designs are located across North America (from Maine to California and Canada to Hawaii), Brazil and South Africa. She is a founding member of the Labyrinth Society. Contact Marty Cain here: American Society Of Dousers:

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