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Astrologer Samuel Reynolds Forecasts Your Creative Endeavors in 2014

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Astrologer Samuel Reynolds has a special for our listeners tonight so listen in to see how you can get a special extended astrological reading to help you plan your creative endeavors for 2014 to get the success you know is possible.

Samuel came to astrology as total skeptic and wound up becoming a career astrologer. He has an astrology column at and a thriving astrology practice in Brooklyn, New York. Visit Samuel's website to learn more.

Listen in and find out how Sam went from being on the academia track to a full time astrologer and entrepreneur.

We will also talk in depth about 2014 and the astrological influences of 2014 and how they will affect your creative endeavors. I'll give you a hint--it's really exciting and much more energetic than 2013 was! Yay!!


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