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Powerful 3 Step Process To Living Your Purpose in 2014


The New Year offers us a clean slate, with endless opportunities - both seen and unforeseen - ahead of us.

The number one question Julie gets from corporate professionals ready to break free from jobs they hate, but unsure of what they'd do is, "What is my purpose?  What am I truly here to do on the planet?"

Julie quickly debunks the myth that you need to KNOW your purpose in order to LIVE your purpose.  She offers a simple and powerful three step process that will immediately shift you into the experience of living your purpose right now.

When you live your purpose, you feel a sense of meaning, fulfillment and inner peace.  Because you're doing what you're meant to do, instead of staying stuck waiting to KNOW what you're meant to do before you can live your best life.

It's a powerful way to start our new year!!

Julie invites us to learn how to finally move through the fears of listening to our calling on her free teleseminar happening on Monday, January 6th.  Grab your seat here:  Or simply click here to join now.

Embodied Awakening - Julie Migneault - Intention Radio

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