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Resolutions: You Can’t BE Your Best When You’re not AT Your Best


Don't Give Up! These New Year's Resolutions are going to rock your world.

We get tired of resolutions because we can't do them, then we feel bad about failing on top of the fact that whatever thing it was we wanted to change, well, it's still hanging around. What to do but give up resolutions? No way.

Join me this Thursday at 6pm, talking with my bestie Sweta Srivastava Vikram about the most beautiful New Year's resolutions you can make. With this woman in the house, you are sure to learn something you didn't know, and think about things in a New Way for the New Year. And as a bonus, Sweta will be reading her own verse, both from No Ocean Here and Kaleidescope

Click “listen live” to join us this Thursday, January 2 at 6pm EST. You can ask us questions over at Twitter, use #couragetochange, @ssvik and @lisakirchner. And, as always, if you you have a story we need to tell, I'd LOVE to hear from you. Here on “The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner” we feature guests who have changed their lives, to help others find the courage to change. If you think you'd make good radio, email Me! Or check out my blog.

The Courage to Change - Lisa Kirchner

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