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TippyTippy Felzenstein is the author of ‘Planning Power” available on Amazon today. Due to her passion for writing, she will soon be publishing her second book “One Hundred Gates”. She is considered by many to be one of the most intuitive coaches; and she is quickly becoming one of today’s top experts in intuitive living, from the inside out.

Her mission is two fold…..

To tap into our personal passion, that can drive us to an amazingly successful life of passion and satisfaction, and to open up the channels of communication with our inner self, so that we can expand our consciousness and receive the answers we need from that source. To learn how to trust our own guidance meter, and be bold enough to step into it.
In today’s world when forces are growing stronger in an attempt to take away our inner guidance and replace it with ‘community consciousness”, Tippy is determined to re awaken that unique light that dwells inside each of us.
That is the bond that has united her with Doctor Anthony Raimondo to bring forth a program that will.

Power Your Mind to finally achieve your dreams and resolutions successfully with The Efactor!!!.

Born in the holy city of Jerusalem, Tippy was raised to believe that she was given a special wisdom allocated specifically for the Children of Jerusalem.

Dwelling in the innermost circles of the orthodox world, she was taught to understand kabalistic principals in a very young age.
Tippy somehow managed to find her way to the wide world of the American life. Her journey from there to here has brought wisdom and pain mingled together to form her passionate and dedicated mission to eliminate pain and illuminate life, as we know it.
She studied in New York and graduated from City University of New York, where she studied psychology, mental health and TV/radio production. That ineabled her to mingle her creativity with her passion to improving the human psyche.

She recently arrived at the plateau where she is able and passionate about sharing her knowledge and gift with the world.
She is currently putting all her energy on her newly published book “Planning Power” which is designed to organize our dreams and map the journey to achieve our goals.

Tippy is well known in her circles for her intuitive insight as she coaches her clients out of the storm and into the diamond that waits silently to be claimed.


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