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NEW SHOW! Creation in Action with Dannah Lewis

Dannah Lewis - Intention RadioYou are in for quite today as we introduce you to the latest addition of our family. Every Monday at 8am Pacific here on Intention Radio you will have the opportunity to join Dannah Lewis for some "CREATION IN ACTION". A show that will inspire & empower you to 'create your juiciest life & live' through shared stories, intuitive energy healings and pragmatic tools.

Dannah Lewis is a lifestyle and business consultant focusing on transforming people’s lives and businesses helping them get rid of the stress and dis-ease in their day and gain creative and thriving control of their life and living. Her holistic techniques merge 20+ years corporate experience, creative talents and innate sense of working with energy to dynamically facilitate people and businesses to exceed their desired results.

Dannah is known for her bright, shiny expansive view of the world and a rich enthusiasm for taking responsibility to create a delicious life for herself. In 2007 she left her job as a V.P. of a large banking corporation, divorced and moved from the suburbs of Tampa, FL to city life in San Francisco, CA. Prior to leaving Florida, Dannah experienced profound anxiety, insomnia and depression. In the past five years, with graceful intention, sassiness and the stubborn knowing that life could and should be different, she has learned how to truly embrace, express and celebrate all of her.

In 2009 she began working at The Bar Method and spent 4 years as the corporate Marketing Director. In 2011, Dannah began creating her Delicious LifeStyled brand. A year later, in 2012, she discovered an infinite space of possibilities with the Access Consciousness modality. The tools, techniques and processes are truly different than anything she has experienced and continue to facilitate dynamic change everyday in her life. In late 2013, Dannah left her marketing director position and launched the business side of Delicious LifeStyled. Delicious LifeStyled offers a mix of coaching and creative services and products to individuals and businesses.

Dannah currently lives in San Francisco and spends her time with clients and playing with friends to co-create the juiciest, most deliciously expansive moments.

Creation in Action - Dannah Lewis - Intention Radio

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