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Wendy Blanchard

Wendy Blanchard - The Rx DiaryWendy Blanchard, M.S., is an author, teacher, and speaker who shares her story of “Recovery, Rebirth, and Release to inspire and guide others about “Clean and Green living, one day at a time.” She has three children, Matthew, Nicole, and Olivia, and a 5 year old grand-daughter, Rose Olivia. Wendy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, a minor in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Reading.

Wendy had struggled with prescription drug addiction, mental illness, and eating disorders for 40 years before going into treatment on April 3, 2013. She has spent the past 11 months creating two businesses, The Rx Diaries, and Blissfully Gl-Airy Free. The Rx Diaries is Wendy’s blog/website where she is determined to raise awareness on the prescription drug addiction/abuse epidemic, and to begin a long, overdue, open dialogue on mental illness, and eating disorders, and hopes to become a global influence. Wendy combines inspiration with her “clean and green living, “GL-AIRY FREE” recipes, which are also organic!

Blissfully Gl-Airy Free is Wendy’s newest business where she informs her readers about the affects that gluten, and dairy have on the human body, and offers healthy alternatives by creating her “Gl-Airy Free” (gluten/dairy free) recipes, and sharing the recipes, resources, and information on her website. Wendy has been living holistically since she went into treatment, and is excited about sharing her experiences, and information on “clean and green living.”

Wendy has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who "for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in blogging and outreach.” She is a member of BNI Warwick where she wants to succeed in growing her businesses, and is also a member of the Professional Women’s Network, CEO Women’s Club, Addiction Recovery Professionals, Fortune 100 Coaches Network, Social Networking Blogger, Consultants Network, National Association of Professional Women, and Women Writing for Change. Wendy has also written a guest blog for, and her story is part of a compilation book that will be released in the Spring called “What SPARKS your passion” by Maria Blon.

Wendy is so humbled, and so grateful to have this opportunity for her voice to be heard on Intention Radio, so that she can reach others who are struggling with these silent, and deadly epidemics of addiction, mental illness, and eating disorders.

The Rx Diary - Wendy Blanchard - Intention Radio

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