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Learn how this 11 degree black belt / Navy Seal trainer allowed his grief to open him to true joy – Bill Poett


I first connected with Bill Poett after hearing him speak of his personal journey grieving. I was touched to hear a strong man being opened by life in a way in such a profound way.

Bill and I got to talking and I just knew that I had to share his warrior heart with our tribe!

You see, Bill has shifted from being focused solely on performance, to connected with his heart and focusing his life and his work with others on JOY.

As we learn to grieve in healthy and authentic ways, we naturally expand our hearts capacity to life fully and on purpose. Enjoy my conversation with Bill as he share more of his journey from 11 degree black belt, Navy Seal trainer to the Founder of The Warrior Heart Project:

Bill Poett is founder of the Warrior-Heart Project, creator of the True North Training Academy and a nationally acclaimed speaker and author of the breakthrough books The ABCs of Peak Performers, and Live & Love Fearlessly. Bill has extensive experience with processing grief and has made a career of helping others to do the same.

Learn more about Bill and connect with him here.

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