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Todays show, such a wonderful conversation with a fellow traveler, Anusha Amen-Ra, on todays show for the third time.  The roots of our conversation, spanning back to the ancients and the pathways of the feminine.  Looking at masculine and how to grow our  power points for a new social order, back into balance between men and women; where care dictates the collective bottom line, beyond war, there is a field of love and respect, let us meet there.

Thank you Anusha Amen-Ra for your deep wisdom, your third time on Culture for Care, we know it will not be your last.  We are having had such a fun time comparing notes and unpacking perspectives to share with you the audience...

This is a call out to you the audience, please leave us a comment or question, we are looking to go live at some point.  We will take your questions into our wisdom well and see what comes out.

To find out more about Anusha please or myself,  go check out the  websites  bellow, or you can hear the other 2 show we did here on Culture for Care; he was this years  Valentines Day Show, and our first show was a conversation on the heath care system and Obama Care.

Anusha Amen-Ra, B.A.,N.C.,C.M.T.



Surya Kramer


Thank you so much for listening to Culture for Care. It is my pleasure and passion to bring you new thoughts and clear thinking to inspire your passion, to support your true line, to offer new and old ways to bring our world out of the dark side of are predatory nature, to balance our sexuality, for a better world, for future generations to be held in a basket of love and goodness.


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