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The Path of Awakening with Laurie Keene, Dean of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing


You know what's super exciting?

That I had the opportunity to interview and share in deep conversation with one of my teachers.  Someone who has inspired me and really been an example of what it means to "walk the walk" of truth.

Laurie Keene is the Dean of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing - both here in the US and also the European school.  She has been "on the path" of awakening since the 70s when she started meditating.

One thing that I love so much about her is the grounded, humble and authentic way that she shares herself and her own journey as part of her teaching.

If you've been questioning your life in any way - the meaning of it, how to break free of the struggle of it - then I think you'll be inspired, opened and reassured from all that Laurie shares with us.

I invite you to watch/listen to the interview, and then be sure to comment below about what you've taken away and how it's touching your life right now.

You can find out more information about The Barbara Brennan School of Healing here. Click through to find a graduate in your area - or find one to work with long distance.  As Laurie says - if you're looking for someone to do deep work with - the graduates of this program are truly phenomenal.

Thank you, Laurie, for your presence and love.  It's been an honor to have you as my teacher!



<strong>More About Laurie Keene:</strong>

Professional Experience: BBSH Director 1999–2003; BBSH School Dean, 1998–99 and 2012–Present; BBSH Year 1 Class Dean, 1993–Present; BBSH Teacher Department Head 1994–99; Management; Chef; Pastry Chef; Whole Foods Caterer; Private Healing and Supervision Practice.

Education/Training: B.S. Liberal Arts, Excelsior College, 2009; Core Energetics Institute of New York City Graduate, 1998; Integrated Kabbalistic Healing Graduate, 1995; BBSH Professional Studies Graduate, 1992; BBSH Teacher Training Program Graduate, 1993; L’Academie de Cuisine Professional Chef Graduate, 1984; L’Academie de Cuisine Professional Pastry Chef Graduate, 1984.

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