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Pernilla Lillarose

Pernilla LillarosePernilla Lillarose is a certified Hakomi Practitioner (somatic counselor) and Awakening and Embodiment Coach.
Through body-awareness and the "Art of Allowing" she helps you cut through confusion and stuckness and experience clarity and freedom. Her gentle yet transformative message teaches you how to end the inner war of duality, befriend and trust yourself, and close the gap between who you truly are and who you think you are … or should be.
Pernilla is the author of "Imagine Being Kind to Yourself," "Allow Yourself to Be You," “Why Did This Happen To Me” and “Women Standing For Love.”
Based on a mediation and mindfulness class she has taught at UC Santa Cruz since 2008, she created the CD set “Six Simple Steps to Serenity.” Along with her weekly radio show she has given readers and listeners an opportunity to discover the many facets of how to listen to your own inner wisdom, how to trust it and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with living in harmony with who you truly are.
She is also the creator of "The ALL Formula" and "How to Trust Yourself Without a Doubt – Simple Steps to Live by Your Own Rules of Wisdom."

Pernilla knows intimately what it feels like to leave herself in the face of seemingly powerful outer authorities. In her own journey from self doubt to embodied clarity and Wisdom, she developed the ALL Formula (Allow – Listen – Love), which she used to build an unshakable inner foundation and trust in her unique expression and gifts. She now shares this transformative system with those who seek the fulfillment that comes from being and expressing who they TRULY are.

Pernilla is currently accepting new clients for her private and group coaching programs. She recommends starting with a 30 minute free Discovery Session to help you uncover what is getting in the way of your next step in living your vision of a fulfilled and joyful life.

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