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Somatic Embodiment with Lorina Manzanita MA


What an absolute pleasure to be in a deep, playful, alive, engaging dialog with Lorina Manzanita .  Culture for Care is proud to have such an alive and awake woman of sincere integrity, sharing her perspectives and wisdom with me this week.  We had a lot of fun.  I am sure you will truly enjoy listening to this weeks show.

Lorina is a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner, relationship coach, writer and teacher. Lorina was put on this planet to bring attention to the healing power of pleasure, self-love, and the body’s natural brilliance. She loves helping women break free of old unsatisfying relationship stories and embody more conscious, yummy, empowered interdependent loving.  As an AstroSomatic™ Love & Life coach she helps women navigate relationship turbulence towards their juicy wholeness and create soul satisfying lives. Her coaching practice integrates astrological insight with body-centered mindfulness practices. She studied relationship coaching with the authors of Conscious Loving and life coaching with CTI. She received her Masters through JFK University.  Coaches training institute,

For the past 4+ years has been enjoying a seriously loving, deeply pleasurable, mostly drama free, new paradigm love life after a thorough 10 year exploration of being a co-dependent mess.

Lorina authored the eBook: Yum 101: Reclaim your Juicy Wholeness where she brings together practices and perspectives from her 15 year journey as a healing arts professional. You can visit her blog and get Yum 101 for free on her website:


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