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Tap Into Your Feminine Creativity with Anne Drager


Tonight explore feminine spirituality and creativity wiht ANNE DRAGER, an artist who teaches workshops on Feminine Creativity.

Have you ever thought about how your biology might effect your creativity. We are often taught that the body is separate. Anne brings to light the idea that the body is where your creativity and spirituality originate and what that means if you are a woman.

Anne has always been an artist and artisan. She started knitting and whistling when she was five, got my first camera at twelve, a sewing machine for her fourteenth birthday. A born mutli-disiplinarian, Anne has worked in clay, batik, silver wire, enamel, photography, painting, textiles all her youth; loved working in the theater and then got a little sidetracked trying to build a career as an art dealer, journalist and translator. Anne lives her dreams and dedicates herself fully to all the things she loves doing. Anne was born in Lubeck, Germany, a city best known for Marzipan and Thomas Mann (She even went to the same school as Mann). Anne came to  New York in 1997. In 2007 she moved to Montauk, NY and loves spending the winter in Sharon, CT.



KARMEN LIZZUL, your host os the president and founder of Clear Creative Coaching in New York City where she helps people all over the world become more committed to their true life's purpose, their creative path through one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs.

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