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The Power of YES with Charles Vest

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When someone comes to you with an offer or a request is your first inclination to say NO!?  Our lives are so full, so busy, sometimes we just don’t want to take on one more thing.  But when you say NO, you are slamming the door in the face of the Universe!  What if there was something wonderful waiting for you if you only explored the opportunity a little further?  What if the exact thing you have been wanting and hoping for was just around the corner, but you never went around the corner?  Explore the Power of Yes with Charles Vest and learn how to keep your channel to the Universe OPEN!

Charles is currently the National Sales Manager-Trainer for Knees 2 Knees Consulting.  Charles will be training and coaching a sales force to increase desired results and develop a skill that they can utilize in any sales situation, giving them confidence and ability to affect the lives of thousands.  Before that, he was the Executive Sales Manager at Internet Dominators.  Charles created the Sales training platform that is still in effect today. He has received many accolades for Speaking and Motivating including providing the Keynote Speech to multiple Network Marketing Events over the last 3 years.  Charles works with Greg Reid to put on the popular event, The Secret Knock.  Where they Invite top Entrepreneurs and Speakers to divulge their secrets to a select few twice a year.
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