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How Your Clutter is Killing Your Creativity and What to do About It!


Our Guest Erin Cochran, known as "The House Whisperer", is President and Founder of Revealing Redesign, where she helps people who feel ashamed of their shabby surroundings create a home that is a true sanctuary where they can live, love and create!

Sometime we creative-types love collecting inspirational objects or more books than you could ever read, but what is that really doing to your creativity? You'll learn about my (not-so-secret) addiction and hear solutions to help get you creating again. We'll look at the energy your stuff is holding and how that might be holding you back.

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Host KARMEN LIZZUL is founder and President of where she helps men and women reclaim their creatvity so they can start writing, painting or just feeling a little more creative every day so they can start living agian.

Hear Karmen talk about the creative process here.


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