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Courage to Change: Mentally Unfit


This week on "The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner" we're featuring Zachary McDermott, a comic, writer and attorney whose story will surprise you. In his recent essay on Gawker, Mentally Unfit, McDermott tells a very personal tale of "undergoing a nervous breakdown. On our show, he reveals it was his mildest experience. But the best part is how he's found recovery thanks to help from his mother, aka, "The Bird." Listen live on Thursday, April 17 at 6PM EST. Or join us LIVE on Monday, April 14 at 2PM EST here. At age 26, Zachary McDermott's identity was solid: Wichita, Kansas native, recent graduate from UVa Law, rising stand-up comedian, and public defender in Brooklyn. His life underwent a cataclysmic change when he suffered his first psychotic break that landed him a 10-day stint in Bellevue's locked psychiatric ward; his first of 4. McDermott feared he had became the latest member of hs family rendered incapable of taking care of himself. Today, at 31, McDermott is still practicing as a public defender. He lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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The Courage to Change - Lisa Kirchner

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