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How Do You Deal with Stress, Poor Health? |What is BodyTalk | Meet Robyn Whatley BodyTalk Instructor

I wanted to connect listeners with a powerful tool that is proven to help people suffering from stress, trauma, health crisis'; a natural health tool so powerful one that will put you in the drivers seat of your health and wellness.

Let me introduce you to this weeks Empowered Living Expert. Born in Southern USA spent the last 35+ years entwining my two careers of alternative health therapies and singing; Robyn Whatley-Kuhn is a BodyTalk & QiGong Instructor.

She sang for over a decade with the legends of the entertainment industry, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, wrote an award winning childrens lullaby album and have raised money for charities with my one woman show concerts.

In the health field, she is teaching & practicing Touch for Health, and am a Reiki master. The last 10 years she has specialized in the BodyTalk System and traveled around the world learning the advance techniques and have taught in Scotland, the Caribbean, Ireland, Greece, Bahamas and the US.

For last 25 years, a specialist in the alternative healing industry having traveled the world teaching the BodyTalk System to people ages 8-92. She presently lives on the Greek island, Ikaria (EE ka ria), the famed Blue Zone island of longevity, known in ancient days as the 'healing island' where she does healing retreats.
We share personal testimonials from BodyTalk and the healing and results people are experiencing. Helping someone recover from sexual abuse, allergies, ADHD, stress, release active memeories, help you work on and through challenging relationship problems, hypothyroidism, menopause,
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