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Joyous Presences: Leading-edge Ecopreneur and Brilliant Visionary


This weeks show will expand your mind, open your heart and feed your soul.   A tap, smack, boom, on the drum of great spirit, Joyous Presence, shared such a clear perspective for our future generations. The down to earth models he was creating for our world are the new reality that is wanted.  We rift back and forth in such a magical way, the conversation was pure delight, he truly lives up to his mountain top name.  A clear seeing being, deep and wide, offering out a river of wisdom. Splashing in his awareness was a delight, one of my favorite things to do, (kinda remind’s me of times with my dad...) a man who knows how to tap into collective truth and turn it into economic gold, the future of our would is being guide by this new brand of brilliant entrepreneur.

Profile of Joyous Presence 

Drawing on a lifetime of experience in start-up cultures, holistic health-care, alternative education, and wholehearted leadership development, Joyous understands the vast level of vision, passion, commitment, diligence and large-scale coordination required to produce unprecedented results, in leading-edge companies, that are exploring new economic paradigms of opportunity.

Joyous is deeply versed in the business, financial, environmental, and social factors necessary to invent, enhance and globally share solutions that support a thriving human presence on Earth; he is devoted to creating new frontiers of abundance, wellness, and functional enlightenment for millions of people through his various businesses and organizations.

Combining his entrepreneurial spirit, with the past 3 years of devoted attention, learning and designing models to create holistic learning centers, and regenerative community developments, Joyous is prepared to build, strengthen and expand synergistic teams of excellence. Joyous is here to support business leaders, social influencers, educators, parents, and youth of all ages, in discovering their core purpose, passion and potential in life, while leading a lifestyle of significance, longevity and unequivocal joy!

In addition to business acumen, Joyous is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and enjoys sharing integrative body~work with friends and clients. He believes that healthy touch, and deep inter-personal connection, are integral facets to optimal well-being, and seeks to incorporate them into all the work he does. Joyous is trained in NLP, NVC and WholeHearted Leadership (through the Staub Leadership HILS program).

Do check out his sites, see how he puts his joyous nature into the world, you will be blown away by all this young man has accomplished.  

Founder and Executive Director, Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3 -- DBA Timeless Learning -- 2011-2013

Founder, Timeless Solutions, LLC - 2011-2013

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Transformative Group -- 2012-2013

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Profound Lifestyle, LLC -- 2012-2013


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