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Learn “Outrageous Openness” with Author Tosha Silver


Tosha Silver grew up in Pennsylvania thinking one day she would be a rabbi, a lawyer, or a weather girl. Luckily for the rest of us, after graduating from Yale with a degree in English literature, she developed an unexpected passion for metaphysics and yogic philosophy.

If you're not one of the bazillion people I gave this book to for Christmas, click on the book and get yourself a copy. Here's why I loved it so, in Silver's own words: "As a writer, I dislike the hackneyed spiritual jargon that is so common and relish finding fresh, funny ways to capture the Divine mystery that embraces us all." Boy howdy, does she deliver. Not only on the inspiration, but MAN she has quite a story. At one point she was told she'd spend her life bed-ridden. Her response? To put her trust where it belonged, the divine source. This book tells that tale and more. Because no, that wasn't her last U-turn.

After 30 years of steady work as an astrologer, Silver wanted to follow her passion for writing more directly. She left behind astrology readings and in 2009 became a columnist with the San Francisco Spiritual Examiner. By 2011 she'd published her first book. She is currently finishing her third, check them all out here.

She was generous enough to share her story and her hard-won wisdom on "The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner." Check out our episode here. Or join us for a LIVE Facebook chat on Wednesday, February 12 at 12:30pm. Find more on my Facebook page, or Silver's page here. You can also reach out to me over at Twitter, use #couragetochange, @lisakirchner.

Click “here” to hear the podcast anytime.

And, as always, if you you have a story we need to tell, I’d LOVE to hear from you. Here on “The Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner” we feature guests who have changed their lives, to help others find the courage to change. If you think you’d make good radio, email Me! Or check out my blog

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