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Passion Party in the Light – Introducing the book Sparks of Passion with Maria Blon and Co-Authors


You know how we LOVE to party on Holding the Light!

Tonight, join us for a infintely cool Passion Party! With lots of spirit-sharing and (metaphorical) dancing!

Maria Blon of the Sparks Alive ( program is at it again! This pioneering spirit had a vision to write a book with 20 people who share their stories...unique and inspiring stories of challenge, of passion, of love. The book, Sparks of Passions, is taking shape, and so Maria is here to share with us her process in manifesting this wonderful collaboration, as well as the different facets of what passion really looks like.

In a special and magical twist, Linda also welcomes five of the contributing authors - Wendy Blanchard, Deborah Vohen, Sheila Akin Pear, Dechen Rheault, and Alison Reitter Orlando - to share their incredible stories and ponder the ins and outs of finding your passion.

The quest to find YOUR passion contnues, and to dance in it is the result. Join us tonight for a fun and sparkly experience with some beautiful spirits who literally have written the BOOK on passion...Sparks of Passions!

And shine on, Beloved Peepz!

All my love,


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