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A Source of Inspiration for your Soul

Rev Gail Dobert; Director of The Silent Unity Prayer Ministry at Unity Village


Today’s show a gift for us all. Rev. Gail Dobert is a Unity Minister and Director of The Silent Unity Prayer Ministry at Unity Village, Missouri. Gail has been an active Truth student for over 25 years. Although born in Ohio and currently living and working at Unity Village, Missouri she calls Alaska home after living there full time and part time for 33 years. Her husband of 30 years is a part time Alaskan Bush Pilot, spending the winters with her in MO. Their three grown children are pursuing their careers in three different states. (And she misses them every day!!)

A life-long learner, Gail is currently in the last semester of her MBA at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO. Outside of her full time ministry at Silent Unity she  performs weddings, memorial services, house blessings and more. Her community outreach includes Harvesters food bank, Dress for Success organization that helps women prepare to enter or reenter the workplace, and Hope House, a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City.  She has sponsored several women in African countries through Women to Women International for five years.

Gail’s greatest joy in life is seeing the light shine in people’s eyes as they come to an understanding that they are precious, loved and have the power to create the life that they want.

Join us for a wonderful ride through inspiration and a shared love for this world....

Below is the prayer I sent in to Silent Unity Prayer....

Hi my name is Surya,

I am in a transition point in my life.  My  pray is for my roots to be fed and my blossoms to bloom, this I offer to the world. May my blossoms turn to fruit to feed the soul of our collective true line, where the heart is heard everywhere.  This is my prayer...

To love and to hold, to feed each other with our gifts, to taste the good life in every breath, or our world soul to sing in the unity of the heart, where our goodness unites, our soul of truth that we pray to, where the bigness of who we are is met my the grandness of life, where bother and sister of all who walk on this world know there place their peace in the peace and unite.

Where we come into form forming our true form of unity and unite....this is my prayer, feed my roots, my soul pray so I may blossom and ripen into the fruit that i am to prayer for me, my prayer for us all, my prayer for the prayer to ignite into the soul star of consciousness that lives inside the heart of truth where the true line of being speaks the heart of our godllyness and we know our selfs divine.... 

Blessings and love,

Surya Ru Kramer

Prayers answered, moments of magic felt....

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If you are inspired, do share your prayer with us...


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