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Tamara Gold, Jennerifer Mercier, Dr. Amanda Cwikla discuss the hot topics around Womens Health, Hormones, Stress, Pregnancy Prep, and The Truth about Infertility.

Ladies time to take charge of your health, pelvic health, and fertility! Please join me in welcoming Dr. Jennifer Mercier creator of Mercier Therapy for Pelvic Pain and Infertility and Dr. Amanda Cwikla in discussing some very hot topics around womens health! Ladies how many of you know a young women suffering silently!

Do you suffer hormone imbalances,thyroid,irregular you even understand your cycle? Feeling stressed, or experiencing nutritional challenges,unexplained infertility, diagnosed Endometriosis,Bladder issues,Hysterectomy. Today we start a much needed conversation around womens health issues and challenges.

To find out more information on improving your Books on Pelvic Health:
Women's Optimal Pelvic Health with Mercier Therapy.
Honoring Your Cycle by Katie Singer

UPDATE POST: Please join me in honoring or celebrating a huge mile stone and life accomplishment for my friend Jennifer Mercier as she releases her much anticipated documentary on Fertility.

I have trained and had amazing success with clients suffering from pelvic pain or infertility with Mercier Therapy and have witnessed Jen cultivate this work, teach and train therapist in this gentle and life changing therapy, write a book, and film a documentary all while fighting the nay sayers with 1 fist behind her back.

I just want to say I am proud of Jen and all she has done for women's health.

Friends - Please take a moment to view the trailer and if let me know if you would join me and many other Mercier Therapists on May 23rd supporting this cause/mission/vision for women's health.

Women all around the world are experiencing difficulty with becoming pregnant. Many have turned to conventional medicine and how much is it helping or hurting!?? Women are still guinea pigs in "modern" medicine. Invitro fertilization and it's rampid overuse will be discussed in this documentary. The pushing of Clomid, lack of Hormone monitoring, is seriously putting women at risk.
This is about options. Safe, effective, gentle, natural, approaches to preparing your body for pregnancy; about cultivating and preparing a women's body naturally to support pregnancy. Taking the most gentle and least invasive approach first and educating women ...EMPOWERING WOMEN to take back their health and achieve pregnancy.

Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy will be premiering on May 23rd at 7pm at the historic Arcada Theater downtown Saint Charles, Illinois. Tickets are 20.00 per person and will be sold at the door that evening.

Please join us in our exclusive debut of our feature length documentary film.

Interested in hearing more? Check out my radio interview where Dr. Jen Mercier Mercier Therapy, Dr. Amanda Hiney Cwikla and I discuss the truth about womens pelvic health and the options women have with Mercier Therapy.

Connect with our guests:
Jennifer Mercier Phd:

Dr. Amanda Cwikla

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