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The Truth About Womens Health, Hormones, Fertililty | The Truth About Xynoestrogenes | The Truth and Wisdom of Womens Pelvic Health

Part 2 of Exposing the truth about Womens Hormones and Fertility with Jennifer Mercier Phd creator of Mercier Therapy and Dr. Amanda Cwikla.

We discuss the hot topic of Women and Hormone Balance and how our environment is leading to fertility issues in both men and women and the natural approaches to hormonal health and the cost effectiveness of Mercier Therapy.

We also discuss the importance of eliminating xynoestrogens and how we are constantly assaulted by estrogens in our environment from the food we eat and the chemicals we use. Estrogen mimickers in the form of chemicals (xenoestrogens), and foods and plants (phytoestrogens), mimic the action of estrogen produced in cells and can alter hormonal activity.
We dive into mentstration, fertility, how to deal with C-sections, Scar tissue, Hysterectomies, Bladder issues. Ladies we get raw and real and expose the truth about HPV, Elected C-Sections, Endometriosis treatments and options.
Listen in and sure to share this with every women you know and love!
For more information on Mercier Therapy contact us at:
Tamara Gold - Advanced Integrative Health Specialist website link below.
Jennifer Mercier Phd creator of Mercier Therapy-
Dr. Amanda Cwikla -
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