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Draw Out Greatness – Unleash Your Creativity with Linda Richichi


Come into The Pause and Unleash your Creativity with Intuitive Artist Linda Richichi.  Draw Out Your Greatness by listening in on a conversation that gives you tools and inspiration to leave your excuses behind.  

As we converse, Linda Richichi draws out our greatness by gifting all the listeners.  Hear and experience first hand how an intuitive artist thinks, creates, and channels the world of art into form.  





Drawing 1- There appears to be birds hatching from eggs. The red marks are a call from within to Rise.
Drawing 2- The eye starts the drawing. At first it is confident but quickly loses it's vision. The neck is long
and capable of seeing from a higher perspective. It is now sitting on its butt. It must get past the BUTs in life
before it can begin to live the passion and gifts that are within. As this bird looks at what can be, it is in
amazement and somewhat intimidated. "Am I really capable of so much?" Yet, the passion rises, the momentum is
unstoppable. You are  free to allow your gifts to shine when you transform the BUTs.
Break Past Fear

Linda Richichi Bio:

Alhough I have been painting since I was two, I began painting intuitively when I was a teenager.  The act of painting guides me, often gives me valuable insight.  The spirit- healing artwork occurs when I move into the intuitive mind.   New visions come with ease as I watch my hand draw without knowing consciously what is coming next.   The themes of my works have always been about transformation and healing.  My first paintings were portraits where I looked deep into the eyes of people to capture their essence.  ]
    I have been classically trained and have earned international awards for plein air paintings, but also felt pulled to study with a shaman to better connect to the spiritual realm.   What I learned came surprisingly naturally, and I realized that my art can be healing.  For years I resisted talking about how images  seem to come in to me through my belly and out through my hand.  I didn't want to ruin my reputation as a meticulous artist with something so "unreal".  It seemed crazy that I was making paintings about goddesses (about which I knew nothing about), Soul Portraits (which display a person's positive qualities and gifts using metaphors and symbols) or angelic beings (who I sometimes sense).  After an inspiring visit to the Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York City,  I was immediately called to paint once home. My hand took off and I watched in awe as my painting of a sunset suddenly had many angels in the sky.  Something in me opened that day.  Previously, an experience with synesthia ("hearing" color and watching colored shapes "pop") elevated my sense of color awareness. I could no longer just paint the beautiful landscapes that I was known for.
  My mysterious, even sacred experiences while painting became central to who I am.  In the Draw Out Greatness workshops I share how even simple doodles gives clues about what is on a your mind, and what keeps you from living your best life. I have been invited to teach spiritual art in Paris, Hawaii, Maui and Sydney with a well known business coach, Lisa Jimenez. We taught her clients to see what held them back in business by looking at the art they loved. Then, using artistic exercises, they began to see past their fears by creating or assembling their own art, which filled them with inspiration and confidence.   Soon many people were asking me to draw their Soul Portraits.   My work is now found nationally in private and public spaces as well as  internationally in private collections.  You can find out how to enroll in one of her classes at

Linda Richichi

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Upcoming workshops

 DRAW OUT GREATNESS- An Intuitive Artistic Journey


Plein Air Workshops in Italy and Armonk, NY


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Signature member of both the NY &  International Plein Air Painters

Juried Member - Pastel Society of America

Charter Member - Landscape Artist International

Voted National Best Intuitive Artist 2012 -, Reader's Choice Award

Best of Show at Worldwide Paint Out in Canada-  International Plein Air Painters

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