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Energy Medicine: present day Shaman, Christina Allen, speaks


What is Energy Medicine? Tonight we will be talking with a modern day Shaman on her perspectives on health, illness, recovery, dying and death. She has much to say and is a wonderfully grounded and practical healer. Tune in to our interesting dive into her world.

Christina Allen, founder of the Blue Raven Circle Of Light, soon to be Austin Shamanic Center first became keenly interested in the interplay between matter, consciousness and energy through her readings about Taoism and Shamanism as an adolescent; She has been working with this interface ever since. Her undergraduate training took the path of a Physicist at UCSC followed by work as a physicist and molecular biologist before going on to a PhD program in Neuroscience at UCSD/Salk Institute. Her Spiritual studies started in earnest four years later, after the death of her mother, when she realized that as the body dies, consciousness remains in tact.  She then bravely answered her soul’s calling to continue her studies from outside the conventional laboratory setting, where she could only study consciousness as an output of the brain. She spent the next 20 years integrating her understanding of Soul Consciousness with skills as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and teacher by apprenticing with renowned Masters of Yoga, Reiki and Shamanism.

She is the former owner of a yoga and healing center in San Diego, California. She apprenticed with  psychologist, medical anthropologist and Shaman Alberto Villoldo at The Four Winds Society for a decade. She has shared the Medicine Way with students from all over the world in the United States and Mexico as well as led trips to Peru for the last 10 years. Currently through her writings, shamanic healing practices, training workshops and sacred journeys she helps people align with and manifest their highest destinies.



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