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I’m Not My Disease


Spend some time with Caitlin and I as we discuss what it is like living with a serious chronic illness. She shares insights that will help us be real with the people in our lives who's health may not be the greatest at the moment. Are you at a loss about how to 'be' in this situation? Listen in!

In her well life, Caitlin Caven graduated from Haverford College with a BA in Anthropology. She grew up in Austin, has lived in Philadelphia, Paris, and New York, and recently moved back to Austin. She is passionate about comedy, words, where to find really good food, where to find any food at this ungodly hour, and her weird chihuahua, Elliot.

In her sick life, Caitlin has had Crohn's disease for over 18 years, one of the faceless many whose health is poorly controlled by the existing medications. She has tried every available drug (including participation in a wholly dehumanizing drug trial), had two surgeries, has checked herself into the ER more times than she cares to count, and  is almost certainly a legend at Aetna headquarters. After a lengthy flirtation with death, her health has stabilized, and she is literally and metaphorically back on her feet.
Caitlin is now a freelance writer and tutor, and spends her spare time pursuing her own healing. She strives to help other young people make sense of their illnesses via the blog Better Living Through Snark for "Psychology Today." You can read her non-illness musings on her personal blog, .






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