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Revealing the Truth about Virgin Conception – The True Story of Parthenogenesis and Real Stories of Virgin Births


Legends whisper of a time when young virgin girls were taken to the forest to fast, to purify themselves, to participate in ceremonies and to dance ecstatically in the hopes they might self-conceive…….a Star Child, destined to one day be a leader of the tribe.

The mysteries of the Sacred Feminine have long been held from you, intentionally….until now.

A new day has dawned, a day that reveals ancient wisdom long buried but never forgotten, waiting for the sign in the Heavens that the Divine Mother has returned, that it’s safe to reveal the wisdom once again.

Behold, the true story of parthenogenesis- the ability of all women to self-conceive a Virgin Birth. Listen and learn of ancient powers now being returned to you….

Om Namah Shivaya….Salini


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