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Talk to the Animals with Jacquie McIntyre | The Power of BodyTalk for Animals


Your animals are talking to you ...Do you know how to listen??? Are your Animals a significant part of your family too??? Then this is a show you cannot miss!!

Jacquie McIntyre travels the world teaching Access for Animals listening and helping Animals of all kinds to heal. She shares her powerful Animal insights and teaches us key tips to decode our animal behaviors. and tools that every pet owner should know.

Many animals, domestic and wild from all over the globe have been clients of Jacquie. Everything from serious chronic health issues, trauma, pre and post surgery, behavioural issues, organ failure, allergies, integration into a new environment and transition during death. Jacquie has worked with all our domestic friends, including the amazing and incredible elephants, giraffe, oranutang, lions, gorilla and much more.

Connect with Jaquie and learn more about Access for Animals or working with her at

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