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A Source of Inspiration for your Soul

A Bowl for Your Soul with Peggy Santangelo


Come into The Pause and listen to a conversation with Peggy Santangelo, Sacred Ceramic Artist and Potter.  Allow the creation energy of this artist to fill you, inspire you to manifest your own soul's story through the use of Peggy's Altar Bowl. This Bowl for your Soul is infused with Sanskrit mantras and the Divine Mother's creation energy to use in ceremony to manifest your heart's wishes.

Peggy Santangelo is an accomplished ceramic artist with over 30 years experience and a Masters of Art Education from Rutgers University.  She owns and operates a private studio where she produces her unique line of ceramic art and teaches adults and children pottery concepts and techniques.

The Altar Bowls™ are her signature pieces in her line of sacred healing art which also includes her Egg Shaped Wall Hangings©, Chakra Pendants™ and Success and Prosperity sigils™.

Inspired by her years of pilgrimages to Shri Haidakhan Ashram in the Himalayas, her art became imbued with a sacred quality brought about by the infusion of the ancient Sanskrit mantras she learned there and the Divine Mother energy she experienced during Navaratri - a nine day festival celebrating the divine feminine.

To find out more or to purchase your own Altar Bowl go to:

The Pause with Rev. Naomi Fay

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