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Tonight I welcome my friend, Fr. Peter Young, of Peter Young Housing, Industries, Treatment. (PYHIT) Fr. Young began the PYHIT program over 50 years ago to care for the addicted, and impoverished who had nowhere to turn, and to offer hope, and opportunity through addiction treatment, housing, vocational training, and job placement which is still helping thousands of people today.

Fr. Young is also instrumental in the passage of legislation that decriminalized public intoxication, and brought the necessary attention to alcoholism which resulted in acknowledging it as a disease.  He has so many impressive achievements and accolades in the name of  humanitarianism, and helping those people afflicted with the disease of addiction, and mental illness.

It is an honor, and a pleasure to call Fr. Young my friend, and I am so grateful to him for all of the work he has done, and is doing to raise awareness, to change public policy, and public perception, and to educate and empower the public on these brain diseases.  I am especially grateful to Fr. Young for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview for The Rx Diaries.  I know that he will give hope, and inspiration to many people.

The Rx Diary - Wendy Blanchard - Intention Radio

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