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Open to Receive with Judy Hineman

Judy Hineman

Open to Receive by experiencing light language, the sound of a crystal bowl and a guided meditation with Judy Hineman, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach & Certified Violet Alchmey Dowser.  Feel inspired and open to the codes and keys to allow yourself to connect with your true essence.  Hear a conversation with Judy Hineman and Rev. Naomi Fay as they discuss manifesting our gifts here on earth.

To find out more about Rev. Naomi Fay go to  For Show suggestions, email Naomi at

Judy Hineman:

I AM Judy Hineman, mother of 3 grown sons. I own and operate my own bookkeeping business, which I have had since 2003. I am a Certified-Law-of-Attraction Life Coach, Certified Violet Alchemy Dowser and I work with the Angelic Realm, specifically Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, and the Divine Mother's energies.

My purpose is to assist those that are ready willing and able to move into their Divine Path for this life in the here and now. This is done with the assistance of those of the Divine. I was gifted the use of Light Language in Sept of 2013. This Light Language is energetically from Archangel Metatron and is for healing purposes. It will assist the receiver in whatever way shape or form the user is ready to move forward.

What does that mean, if the receiver has certain issues that they set their intention to clear, align, balance or heal the energies will assist in that area. If no intention is set I believe that the energies are utilized for the highest and greatest good of the individual.

Please contact me by email at for further information or to schedule a session.
Much love and light, JudyThe Pause with Rev. Naomi Fay

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