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The Human MRI ~ Justin Elledge


Experience Justin Elledge and the energy portal that is created on the show called The Pause with Rev. Naomi Fay.  If you are ready to heal and willing to do the work on many levels, come with an open mind and heart to an intuitive show with great compassion and reverence for the human journey.  Described as The Human MRI, Justin is able to "see"/ perceive the root health challenges of people in reference to their mind, body and spirit.

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Justin Elledge Bio:

My journey to helping others heal began when I suffered my first migraine headache in 1971. At that time, I was told by physicians that I "would just have to live with them" and that there was no cure. These many years later I have learned that is not so.

It is my abilities as a Medical Intuitive that came from a long and amazing journey to wellness, of which I still pursue.

During these many years I sought out many alternative health solutions. I have not done this alone, and have enlisted many talented practitioners over the years. Finding what works and does not work, and for me, is part of that journey, and I now share that knowledge with others.

In addition, I have worked in the world of engineering and design with several patents as well as being a Licensed Vocational Nurse for 20+ years.

Today and beyond

My ability of Medical Intuition began manifesting during a Easter retreat based on “A Course in Miracles” in Julian California in 2005. For me, that event, was truly a time of life, death and resurrection. During that retreat, I was doing Reiki Energy work on a friend Ananda, to relieve some pain in his neck and shoulders, when an image of a bloody broken rib, on the right side of his chest appeared to me. I asked him to show me exactly where he was feeling the most pain. He then confirmed with his right hand, pointing to the spot where he was in greatest pain. I said to him "You my friend have a broken rib." Almost in denial Ananda said, "I was afraid of that." X-rays confirmed the break a few days later.

The next day, Easter Sunday, Jim, a musician was complaining about some pain in his wrist. As he did so, an image of scar tissue in his neck from a prior surgery appeared to me. I was shown that the scar tissue in his neck was giving him the feeling of pain in his wrist. And that the wrist pain was only a symptom.  I mentioned this to him and he said “You know Justin it is funny you should say that. That was the same thing my doctor told me” – I was in shock.

This ability continued happening with many others, almost everywhere I went in the weeks and months to follow. I was highly encouraged to use this gift and to help others.

In closing, since overcoming many health issues, I have an acute understanding of just how fragile and resilient we, as individuals are, It has been through my own evolution of health and faith that I find myself now blessed with this ability of Medical Intuition, a Second Site

As an inventor and Healer, I look forward to helping you find your own health and Enlighted Soul.

Safe Journey and Namaste!The Pause with Rev. Naomi Fay

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