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Living Passionately in the Light – A Spirited Passion Mastermind with Maria Blon and Fellow Authors


Just look at this Selfie in The Light!

Look at these people, and their Light...join us tonight and feel your own igNITE!! Wooohoooo!

A magical way to know passion is to show passion - and these magical people -  Maria, Brian K. Baird, Anna Blon, Shad St. Louis and Tom Blon - are here to share theirs with you in the form of their stories featured in their upcoming book, Living Passionately. Each has such a different tale to tell, and yet each is united in the power of living their lives from their sources of passion.

Maria Blon and her co-authors have devoted time to the loving creation of this book destined to set the world aflame with the power of the stories contained therein...sometimes, getting to that place of passionate freedom requires overcoming blocks that stand in our way, usually of the self-imposed persuasion. Each author with us tonight shares their obstacles, as well how how their obstacles were overcome. By hearing these stories and this wisdom, you will most certainly become more in touch with your own beautiful passion shining within, waiting to burst forth, So exciting!

So come listen to each story, and the infectiously joyous energy, and be inspired to live in YOUR passion!  these are exciting and passionate times, and together, living in our passion, we are changing the world!!

Shine on, Beloved Peepz!

All My Love,


Holding the Light - Intention Radio - Linda Chasteen

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