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UnMasking in The Light! Being Who You Really Are with Jason Guevara


Be yourself. you wear them? So often in life, we encounter people who are afraid to express who they really, who wear a mask. So often in life, the mask-wearer is us.

Be who you really want to sounds so simple, doesn't it? Or so it sounds...but to truly source from that which authentically guides us can be much easier said than done. Shining our most authentic Light requires courage and self-love that can sometimes be hard to learn.

So let Jason Guevara, Magical Dude and Queen Extraordinaire, show you how itz done!

Jason is the first of s string of guests whose personal stories show incredible shine - as a gay member of our culture, Jason faced many challenges (especially during his high school years.) As you listen, you'll hear Jason's warmth, humor, and determination to be who he is and dance in his most authentic Light. The adversity he faced (and continues to face,) is real, and yet he is able to face it and get to the other side of it with poise and strength.

Come into the Light and let Jason's story give you the courage to be who you really are, and find your place of true happiness in your Truest Light. And laugh with us, and listen to cool, dance-worthy music!!

And Shine On, Beloved Peepz!

All My Love,



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