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Goddess Power with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower!!!


Join Salini as she interviews Laura Magdalene Eisenhower of the famous Eisenhower family about the awakening Goddess Power! Laura is carrying on the tradition of her Great-Grandfather President Dwight Eisenhower, who was a great warrior against the forces of darkness on Earth. This time it's the women who are incarnating as Goddesses to bring the message, the love, the energy and the power of the Divine Feminine to bear to heal Earth, balance out the Patriarchy and end the destructive patterns of the Military/Industrial Complex.

The first in a series of interviews, Salini and Laura discuss the emerging wisdom of the Goddess and how it impacts our lives, helping us to grow. Laura and Salini talk about waking up to the realization they were embodying the Sacred Feminine and needed to share their journey of healing and awakening with others to heal Mother Earth.

Listen in for an exciting and wisdom-packed show with Salini at Emerging from the Matrix!


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