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Magick in the Light – The Power of Positivity with RJ Onyx Moonshadow


"Adjectives are used to describe, not to judge."

Tonight on Holding the Light, join a Magickal new friend and get your Positivity on!

RJ Onyx Moonshadow - a brilliant dude who has faced what many of us would call "challenges" in the form of some physical circumstances...however, RJ's conscious choice to NOT label them as such has made all the difference in the world, leading him easily to discover and dance in his Divine Magick.

RJ's experiences on his path are truly inspirational. His devotion and commitment to helping others is wonderfully admirable. RJ works tirelessly to spread a positive message, and to help others source from their own positivity.

With his outlook vested firmly in The Light, RJ has become a published author, become very active in Wicca, and shared his wonderful energy on hie Youtube channel. RJ really shows us that our attitudes make all the difference in walking our paths.

So join us tonight, get inspired, get positive, and get to  your own Magick!

And Shine On, Beloved Peepz!

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